& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Reporters learned yesterday from Beijing Customs, Nike confirmed by the United States, Beijing Customs has seized 31 pairs of fake Nike shoes, is infringing goods. Currently, the case is under further investigation. This year, Beijing Customs seized infringement cases since the first article of footwear. Item Name declaration on display were declared Chinese balls, clothes, Chinese bowls, etc., a total declared value of $ 72. reporter at the scene saw the customs seized, seven foot square of paper boxes are wrapped with tape. Mark the box labeled NIKE shoes colors, styles are not the same. US Nike Beijing Representative Office Mr. Wang said that several counterfeit Nike shoes are manufactured relatively new sneakers. To identify the au cheap jordans for sale mens thenticity of Nike sneakers points to note: First, from the appearance of judgment, see its surface is smooth, with or without irregularities, with particular attention glued joints for cracks, glue gum at the presence or absence of dew. Second, look at the inside of the shoe logo. Look font on the sign is clear, whether at the neat tailoring, look at whether the content of the flag and the corresponding shoe itself. Such as the production location, color, model and so on. Finally, the quality of leather hand touch, you can also smell the presence or absence of irritating odor. Nike shoes are not really irritating odor. reporter learned from the Beijing Customs, since the beginning of this year, Customs has seized suspected of infringing intellectual property cheap jordans for sale rights of various types of 12 cases, 11 cases of trademark infringement cases, one from the Olympic logo infringement cases . Involving "Pfizer", "Sony", "Lancome" "Montblanc", "north" and other famous international brands. Deputy Director of Beijing Customs regulations at Guotai is said that this year the immigration channels airport seized a total of 6 cases of infringement, the customs seized over the years with the immigration channels compared to the sum of the total number of cases rose by 500 cases %. This year seized infringing goods including pharmaceuticals, cigarettes, MP3 player, memory stick, cosmetics, pens, clothing, bags and other diversified development of the situation. & nbsp;& nbsp; on Wangai hair, crooked eyes, nose, and large die --- cheap jordan shoes for men overturned tongue obviously been vilified Asian caricature. The new Adidas shoes to demonize Asian Wangai hair, crooked eyes, nose and overturned large die --- obviously been vilified Asian caricature is impressively printed on the new limited edition "Yellow Series" Adidas (Adidas) sports shoes tongue, After the shoes help also printed a "Fong" word, namely Chinese "Feng." German sporting goods maker Adidas This approach led to strong criticism from the United States and around the world Asians, who accused the company of mocking Asians alleged acts of racial discrimination. denounce: Are we a yellow threat? The sneakers jointly launched by the Adidas sportswear company and San Francisco HUF, and "Limited Edition" available in the form 1000 pairs, each cheap foamposites pair sells for $ 250. mainly for collectors of Adidas sneakers. Comics fictional tongue image called "RayFong", by well-known San Francisco graffiti creator Berry? McGee (BarryMcGee) hands. McGee half of Chinese descent, his work has been to subvert the traditional well-known, "RayFong" image also appeared in his earlier works too. Which shoes, once launched, critical voices began to appear on the Internet. From Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong, China, the people were crusade to demonize Asian conduct Adidas and blog on the BBC. "Yellow Series? For them, we still yellow threat?" Wrote a blog on the Internet. San Francisco Chinese Association for the Rights (ChineseforAffirmativeAction) Executive President ????? Hunter said: "In times like today, even Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping with such an image is written in such a huge scale, Adidas and international company, which was painful and disturbing. " excuse: no intention to offend any person or group Adidas spokesman claimed that the company "appreciate the works of any self-expression" and "has no intention to offend any person or group." HUF owners ??????? said criticism of the language that appears on the Internet, but is the "Internet rubbish." He said: "They should first find information speak again." This is because McGee's painting had to express their anti-racist ideology. Washington American Justice Center (AmericanJusticeCenter) of ?????? said: "The face printed on a Chinese sports shoes, has made it lose that layer of meaning." Some Asian organizations believe that thi Cheap air jordans for sale s pattern had some Political satire comics used, there demonize Asian too. neither art, nor trendy, but not humor & nbsp; a personal fitness, from the beginning of calisthenics, a long time will slowly began to join a fitness apparatus to carry out additional fitness movement, not only can enhance exercise effect, will also help the body shape. Of course! The barbell to weightlifting is a very good form of exercise, whether it is exercise muscles or muscle endurance, can take the barbell exercise, today is to share five common basic weight lifting barbell movements for your reference! front squat squat can be said to be the king of the fitness movement, according to different weights placed, squat main branch support squat, squat and squat three, today we Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping say before squats. Front squat barbell in front of the neck, the correct position of the bar is placed in the collarbone and shoulder deltoid, in order to make the Barbell Weight shared by three points. Elbows up, elbow joint in the horizontal bar in the vertical plane before, upper arm as close as possible to the level the deltoid toe can hold more weight. At the same time to tighten the waist muscle, upper body straight, the rise of lower jaw slightly close, causes the total center of gravity close to or through a supporting surface, in order to ensure the movement's stability. advantages: to be more effective, more concentrated practice of four muscle, build a strong leg muscles, but also to strengthen the shoulders, hips and ankles. note: because the weight Retro jordans for sale is big, we must act, do not blindly increase the weight. Lower the speed to be reasonable, not too fast, do not put too low, or easily damaged knee and other joints. Pedler rowing will be held under the palm steering barbell (back toward the body), grip is usually better than the classic boat leaned slightly wider. Every time when the action began, is still on the ground of the barbell. Upper body parallel to the ground - to maintain a good waist posture, on the back to relax (can be slightly curved). Then the outbreak of the lift the barbell to the lower chest / abdomen position, and slightly stretched thoracic vertebrae. The hip does not move during the entire movement. The key of this action is to bar in the ground, relax on the back; the barbell is in the Retro jordans for sale pulling process of strong extrusion on the back. advantage: exercise the strength of the back and arm muscles. note: never use the lower part of the body and the buttocks lifting, complete a single action requires the barbell on the ground. Zeqi squat Zeqi squat basically is deadlift and squat a combined stand with your feet shoulder width apart, elbows bent, barbell on the elbows bent at the body to squat down, with his arms from the barbell hook below, this barbell is your elbow immobilized. advantage: it can exercise the muscles of the legs, hips and lower back. note: this action is more difficult compared with the previous few, will be used very much after the back and the strength of the core muscle group. overhead lift too much of this exercise is a cons cheap jordans online iderable risk of exercise, the risk of the movement of the Department ofMargaret Howell ( Margaret Howell ) is a British designer brands, by designer Margaret Howell ( Margaret Howell ) was founded in 1972. Margaret Howell ( Margaret Howell ) brand sign design t-shirt, sleeveless uniforms, shoes lace decoration, duffle coat and trench windbreaker. Neutral colors halftone advertisement tracts, is to let Margaret Howell ( Margaret Howell ) is more recognizable.The Margaret Howell ( Margaret Howell ) brand story:Designer Margaret Howell ( Margaret Howell ) was born on 1946 in Surrey, British Tadworth, she graduated from the University began accessories design work. Margaret Howell ( Margaret Howell ) design Handmade Beaded was " Vogue " magazine exploring, then she comes into contact with the renowned photographer Liz Taylor, then there is the famous " Zee and Co " photography.In 1972, Margaret Howell ( Margaret Howell ) set up in her name, immediately obtained very good response, then started at the same time her husband and partner, Paul Renshaw, Blackheath apartment located in them began to design and sell t-shirts. With the performance of growth, but also by the husband 's encouragement, Margaret Howell ( Margaret Howell ) and Joseph Ettedgui joint venture, in London in 1976 Nanmoerdun Street opened the first men's clothing store. On 1980, by Margaret Howell ( Margaret Howell ) independent investment 's first shop in St Christopher's Place opened.Throughout the 1980's is Margaret Howell ( Margaret Howell ) period of expansion, in 1982 Grace Coddington is a Margaret Howell ( Margaret Howell ) item selection for annual dress. In 1982 and 1983, Margaret Howell ( Margaret Howell ) in New York, Manhattan and Tokyo Japan opened its first store. However, the rapid expansion has led to the Margaret Howell ( Margaret Howell ) in business and personal family crises. In 1987 Margaret Howell and Paul Renshaw Paul Renshaw husband divorce, to withdraw from the company.In 1990, Sam Sugure and Richard Craig 's help, Margaret Howell ( Margaret Howell ) was reorganized; Sam Sugure and Richard Craig two are still is the company's managing director. The new management brought result obviously, Margaret Howell ( Margaret Howell ) of performance remained nearly 10 years of steady growth, in 2002 Wigmore Street opened a flagship store, in Paris in 2009 opened a store. Today, Margaret Howell ( Margaret Howell ) is in the 80 district with 300 employees.In 2007, Margaret Howell ( Margaret Howell ) was awarded the British Empire in two and knight of the order, used in recognition of her contribution to the fashion industry; the Royal Society of Arts College also awarded her " Royal designer " honorary title. Margaret Howell ( Margaret Howell ) will be Wigmore Street shop to support her favorite designer and creative.The Margaret Howell ( Margaret Howell ) brand archives:Chinese Name: Margaret HowellEnglish Name: Margaret HowellCountry: United KingdomFounder: Margaret Howell ( Margaret Howell )Founded: 1972 yearsIts locations: LondonProducts: Ladies, Mens