Off-White:tm: x Nike first in September 1 by the debut, I believe we should look at the same time, and I want to know what is the price. YEEZY MAFIA, a former lists the five models by including Air 90, Blazer Max shoes, Mid Air, Air Presto and Air Jordan 1 VaporMax price. Air Max 90 - $160 Blazer Mid - $130 Air Jordan 1 - $190 Air Presto - $160 Air Vapormax FK - $250 sports business section 1111 , welcome to pay attention to the sports industry best information platform Author: Fu Zhenghao sports business reporter in the world, and the holy land total painted Xuan Xuan, but in fact it's just a face of the pilgrims can exist relative to space. In other words, you decide the aesthetic standards are often not the eyes but faith. For example, one located on 155 street and Frederic Avenue, Manhattan District New York street corner Douglas Harlem Yu old park, asphalt basketba Retro jordans for sale ll venues in many eyes in it is even a bit shabby dilapidated, but in the world of street player view, here is tantamount to Mecca, even the bare ring was suffused with light legend. Yes, of course, here is the world-renowned Rock park. you Durant visited Rock Park of course, features and design idea of the holy land can imitate even beyond, but the real hard copy is contained in the Holy Land and star legend cultural events. A closer look at the causes of Rock park to become street shrines, but this game shows black culture and street basketball culture, another key reason is here from the last century began in 60s held a wonderful streetball League, so far, this is now named "entertainment basketball classic" (Entertainers Basketball Classic. Referred to as EBC) the event has long been regarded as the highest level of American street basketball. From here is not only ou Cheap air jordans for sale t of such as "goat" Earl · Mani Gut, "the destroyer" Joe · Hammond and other ancient legendary streetball hand, even Kobe, Tracy McGrady, Carter, Garnett, Durant and other 22 NBA star fame has attracted to the competition. In a sense, the emergence of entertainment basketball classic of the event and the event in the history of star Rock park is coated with a layer of sacred glory. Kobe visited Rock Park and Street legend Joe · Hammond . Rock Park in New York known to the world, coincidentally, in China Shanghai, Rock park is also famous, it is not only one of the main positions of Shanghai national fitness campaign, but also led to the State Sports General Administration Director Gou Zhongwen to the investigation. Unlike New York's Rock park is Shanghai's Rock park is more like a copy of the stadium operation mode. There have been as many as 13 at Rock Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping Park in Shanghai, one of the most famous venues is located in the Expo source next to Rock Park, here is also regarded as the flagship store in Rock park. JUMP10 World Grand Prix is build out in the street basketball match system and resource based on Rock ParkThe global hand attracted visitors streetball "entertainment basketball classic" the and New York's Rock Park, Rock Park, the operator of Shanghai Luohe Sports Development Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Luohe sports") in 2〉& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] adidas NEO Label since September 9 launch of "play create shoes control NEO stage" brand network activity, since three weeks won the national 400 000 Young Players enthusiastic support, after the most intense competition before 10 NEO spiritual work has been released, on 17 October and brand spokesperson Eddie and cheap foamposites Angelababy common boarded held in Beijing's "shoes hit play" autumn and winter fashion show, show NEO fans unlimited creativity with the new autumn and winter style shape! In a positive dialogue and the younger generation as the main objective, adidas NEOLabel first let stand out from the Internet activities of consumers before 10 creative work shoes, new clothes boarded the fall and winter with NEO runway, striking on stage NEO before the giant shoes, showing sometimes sports, sometimes the attitude of youth street style, turns to show the youth does not set limits NEO spirit. The two brand spokesperson Eddie and Angelababy also led the finale models debut by the 10 works selected runoff election favorite NEO Footwear Design, and announced the winner off winning two events last climax. Eddie said: "This can be seen so much full of spirit and vitality of the NEO works, i cheap jordans for sale s really an eye-opener I prefer simple but yet popular sense of design, selection Cao Han month's work, because she used consistently! the fresh green, the color level distribution right, while at the upper dotting camouflage design, but yet ingenious revealing graceful girl handsome mind, coupled with bright color sporty outfit is my favorite girl modeling ";. Angelababy He said: "I have attended many fashion shows, this special is not the same, NEO has the opportunity to let the young creative control arena, such a concept to make the entire show more interesting shoes, then I like to use bold colors and lively style, has ocean! The work won my heart, it is because of the eye-catching contrast hit color, bright yellow and dark blue camouflage tannins and eye-catching, the overall shape of this little boy wearing cool design with a sense of street looks very attitude is the re cheap jordans online ason I chose him. " When the winning work is projected on the giant shoes, two winner conceal his excitement, because they get in contact with Eddie and Angelababy up close together to create an exclusive opportunity NEO exclusive joint shoes (Chinese shoes Network! - The most authoritative most Professional footwear News Media Partner: Apparel Network & nbsp; global fashion brand network)Jordan Brand in order to celebrate the 30th anniversary, Jordan Spiz'ike has become essential for guests. The new version of the debut with water blue shoes, classic lines as the fender still burst decorative lines, while the use of red ink design will in the end with a friend interested please pay more attention to. item: 315371-408 0.jpg (420.68 KB, download number: 0) download Jordan Spiz'ike new color 2015-4-8 upload 10:01 2.jpg (455.63 KB, download number: 0) download Jordan Sp cheap jordans for sale mens iz'ike new color 2015-4-8 upload 10:01 9.jpg (357.81 KB, download number: 0) download Jordan Spiz'ike new color 2015-4-8 upload 10:01 5.jpg (310.6 KB, download number: 0) download Jordan Spiz'ike new color 2015-4-8 upload 10:01 1.jpg (303 KB, download number: 0) download Jordan Spiz'ike new color 2015-4-8 upload 10:01 23.jpg (236.28 KB, download number: 0) download Jordan Spiz'ike new color 2015-4-8 upload 10:01 Nike astronomical sign Durant is once again on the recognition of MVP. At the same time, the new shoes are in the design of meridian dense drum, as we said earlier we had in Australia Perth concert in Kanye West revealed to Adidas together with its design Adidas Yeezy 3 will be officially released in November. The Red October has long coveted Durant, was finally able to replace the right and proper. The whole red Nike KD 7 Lifestyle is Durant' Retro jordans for sale s most love color, and suede is its perfect texture show at a glance. Although there is no specific market information, however, interested friends please follow the reported information locking fashion. nike-kd-7-nsw-lifestyle-red-october.jpg (169.61 KB, download number: 0) download Nike KD 7 Lifestyle Red 2014-9-6 23:38 Nike KD Lifestyle upload, 7, Red 00& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] in the past two decades of football history and the shoes on the basis of touches and comfort of re-definition, Nike introduced the Nike Tiempo '94 and Nike Tiempo Legend V two shoes. 1994 ?? 7 17, on the pitch in Pasadena, California, the two teams is to win the highest honor in the world of football and battling. 22 players on the field not only carries the same desire to win, they have 10 players were still wearing the same boots, Nike's firs cheap jordan shoes for men t soccer shoes --Nike Tiempo Premier. It's black and white color called football classic, players wearing it never beaten path, they are representative of the new forces on the pitch for the soccer energize, speed, and passion, forever changed the sport look. These players in the year with great confidence chose this pair of boots to ride excellent journey, in the subsequent 20 years, this attitude create a series of the best players in soccer history, it is undeniable: it all by Tiempo began. Since then, Tiempo has become a classic football insurmountable. To commemorate this shoe, Nike introduced the Tiempo '94 and Tiempo Legend V. Tiempo Tiempo '94 is a series of daily life tradition shoes; and Tiempo Legend V is a highly innovative concept of professional soccer shoes. Both shoes look broadly similar, whether it is sports or professional soccer shoes life shoes, their Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping design have devoted a lot of effort, and strive to reproduce year Tiempo style. Tiempo '94 football, players like Ronaldo wearing Tiempo Premier invincible, ruthless. This spirit of tradition, Nike Tiempo Premier design inspiration, the improvement of this classic boots for everyday casual wear shoes Nike Tiempo '94. It is sewn black leather uppers, with a strong contrast with the white "swoosh" logo and eyelets decorations made of suede, deduce football aesthetics ahead of its time. Oversized, removable tongue, and heel yellow "swoosh" logo, representing the relentless pursuit of detail Nike - Nike powerfully demonstrated the attitude and the quality of today's football style. Nike Tiempo '94 using a high-quality rubber cup sole outsole replaces the original spike outsole, Phylon midsole with embedded color, play of light damping effect. It also exposed the wearer added elastic grooves maximize enhance the comfort and bring Natural Motion. New technology and the perfect combination of traditional craft Tiempo, for everyday wear brings the best comfort. Tiempo Legend V Since 1994, football game changed. Accelerate the pace of the game, every player on the pitch must go full steam ahead, flying over the court. Based on this, there with Carlos? Carlos Tevez, Gerald? Pique and Ronaldinho and other players of cooperation, the essence of the Nike Tiempo football and the demands of modern football game combining devised a date best performance leather soccer shoes. Tiempo Legend V is designed to provide the most light touch. Tiempo Legend V using innovative materials and strengthening fit design, the uppers close feet. It also solves a longstanding problem leather that will increase the weight after suction. Therefore, Tiempo Legend V uses a cutting from two layers of leather uppers made of new materials, and strive to achieve the tactile experience of synthetic materials and light, but also uses the innovative Nike Hypervenom (Nike "poison front") of the same kind of shoe last, to make the design more in line with the anatomy of science, enhance your feet touch football. uppers All Conditions Control (ACC) technology and K-leather combine to provide the best feel in any environment. In the second layer, Hypershield technology will cut off the water outside, leaving long-term comfort. This hydrophobic mesh layer ensures vamp with fast-drying effect, and compared with the previous leather shoes, greatly reducing the absorption of moisture. For this reason, no matter in what competition environment, Tiempo Legend V can deliver confident performance. Tiempo Legend V engineering floor also joined the innovative elements that can and foot joint rhythm, bring stability, traction and comfort. Heel and forefoot spikes were widened parts processing, increased stability. Forefoot and toe area also used conical studs, it aims to enhance the steering speed. Outsole inspired shoes from NIKE FREE technology, from the foot portion starts to bend, to enhance the flexibility and comfort, making the player feel consistent throughout the game. Outer Tiempo Legend V retained the classic design with sewn shoe, but the shoe body uses bright colors. Tiempo Tiempo Legend V series has always been adhering to the tradition, and the adoption of a first-class technology and modern innovative technologies in order to retain the same series of classic design. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: shoes famous network & nbsp; global fashion brand network & nbsp;)